Cozens Genealogy

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We help you find all kinds of family history records: vital certificates such as birth, marriage, death.

Parish records for birth, marriage and burials.

Wills, censuses, military records and much more.

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Glen Midgley:

Member of the Association

of Professional Genealogists

"No one gives the 300% effort that you do! Wow!" Mrs M Gallagher


Cozens- Forensic Genealogists and Probate Researchers

We are professional forensic genealogists, probate researchers and heir hunters who unearth family history for clients around the world whatever the budget. We also research probate cases to identify all qualifying beneficiaries and to locate those who aren't easy to find then report to the Government Legal Department. Just tell us your requirements.


We dismantle your brick walls, brick by brick

Stuck in your current research? We can help you get to the other side of the wall. We'll ensure you are happy with the price and objectives before we proceed.

Starting from scratch? Commission a full family tree and report on your ancestors, their relationships and where they lived. Decide how far back you would like to travel and we'll tell you all we can.