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Probate Research

We are probate researchers tasked to uncover the identities of individuals who may be entitled to benefit from an inheritance or other assets. It is this proficiency which can prove otherwise long-lost family connections that could entitle you to a windfall.


We work to high, professional, ethical standards and are members of the Association of Professional Genealogists. Cozens are part of a network of researchers, genealogists, lawyers and other professionals who are all working hard to ensure that unclaimed assets revert to family members of a deceased person who has usually left no will. We are engaged in the task of identifying and tracing the legitimate owners, heirs or beneficiaries before the assets can revert to the Crown. We thrive on the fact that our persistency and dedication often result not just in the satisfaction of finding money for people but in putting them in touch with often long-lost relations.


Our expert, professional probate researchers understand the laws of inheritance, especially intestacy. This equips them to focus on those family members who need to be found. We support our findings with the name, address and relationship to the deceased of every entitled beneficiary we locate, and keep you informed with regular updates on our progress.


We take all relevant steps to ensure that every case is followed through to conclusion as efficiently and as promptly as the circumstances will allow. Our work is carried out by polite, professional and efficient staff, with whom you can liaise through the whole process, ensuring that your interests are our main concern throughout.  We are based in the centre of the UK and are suitably equipped to deal with people around the country and even overseas.  


We specialise in long-forgotten cases that may have been too difficult, time-consuming or awkward for other firms to accomplish and charge a percentage of each case as our Success Fee. Other firms may charge a research fee, whether or not you actually receive any money.


With iRecall, if you receive no inheritance, there will be no fee. Most beneficiaries are more than satisfied to receive a share of something rather than 100% of nothing as would be the case if a successful trace had not been made by us.


In order to provide the necessary information and work towards the recovery of assets, Cozens must first be contractually engaged by you. This involves completing an agreement outlining our terms.


We may have written to you concerning a possible inheritance but we also take enquiries from those who belive they may have a claim following the death of a relation. If that os the case, please let us know as soon as possible.




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